Community Radio – The People’s Voice

22 10 2007

Cover illustrationProduced by ABC Ulwazi in South Africa, this handbook offers guidelines on setting up, managing and sustaining a community radio station.

  • Explores the differences and similarities between commercial and community radio stations, explaining the unique position of community radio in South Africa, and highlighting its role as a tool for development.
  • Offers extensive guidelines on how to manage a community radio station, and outlines the roles that each employee or volunteer plays in the station.
  • Explores issues relating to effective and ethical reporting.
  • Shows how community radio is pivotal to educating people about their human rights.
  • Details the main processes in producing programmes on a minimum budget.
  • Outlines the serious issue of sustainability and offers guidelines on working toward making your community radio station sustainable.

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“Operating a community radio station can be a daunting prospect. You may find that you suddenly need to become an expert in managing the station, programming, news, music, finances, marketing and sales, and many other activities.

This manual shows you how important community radio is as a tool in social and economic transformation, and how it fills the gap between the public and commercial broadcasters, especially at grassroots level.

This manual is an essential reference tool, and offers theoretical and concrete principles, which are invaluable to anyone involved in or wishing to be a part of community radio, and rebuilding civil society from the ground up.”



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