Volunteer Management Handbook

2 11 2007

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (USA) produced this “simple guide to volunteer management at a community radio station.”

The manual can be ordered for US$15 plus shipping from http://www.nfcb.org/publications/volunteerhandbook.jsp

We have amassed your collective wisdom in this concise yet comprehensive guide to volunteerism. Community radio relies heavily on the hours and creativity offered by volunteer workers or unpaid staff. A station’s approach to the role and contribution of volunteers has tremendous impact on organizational character and is an important factor when evaluating the station’s overall performance in serving the needs of the community. If the station treats the volunteer with the same professionalism given a paid worker (i.e., recruiting, selecting, and training the right person for the right job), then the volunteer will take the station seriously. Recognizing the volunteers’ impact on the station is the first step towards developing a comprehensive volunteer management program. Volunteer management is both a strategy and a philosophy – it’s a way of looking after your unpaid workers that benefits everyone. The purpose of this manual is to offer a simple guide to volunteer management at a community radio station.



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