Complete Toolkit for Boards

2 11 2005

Complete Toolkit for Boards

Corporations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, require a governing Board of Directors. Governing Boards have certain legally required duties, including duties of care, loyalty and obedience. Governing Boards can have a variety of configurations, eg, “working” (or hands-on, or administrative), “collective,” “policy,” “Policy Governance”, etc. All are types of governing Boards.
This toolkit contains a wealth of information on more than a dozen topics from board roles and responsibilities to relations with staff.

Table of Contents

    Board Roles and Responsibilities
    Overview of Board Roles and Responsibilities
    Legal and Insurance Considerations for Board Members
    Documents — Charter/Constitution/Articles, Operating Rules, Policies, etc.
    Staffing the Board
    Ensuring Successful Committees
    Ensuring Successful Meetings
    Evaluating the Board
    Board and Staff Relations
    Evaluating Executive Directors
    Board Orientation/Training
    Board Operations
    Accountability of Boards
    Founder’s Syndrome
    General Resources