Micropower and Pirate Radio Kiosk – Seizing the Airwaves

20 07 2006

Micropower and Pirate Radio Kiosk – Seizing the Airwaves : A free radio handbook

A collection of texts from the micro radio movement in the USA. The preface, by Stephen Dunifer sets the tone:

In a far distant country lived a people called the Mericans. A proud, stoic lot were they. Unlike many surrounding lands they had overthrown the mantle of obedience to a feudal monarchy and established what was called a republic. Creating a document known as the Declaration of Independence they set forth certain principles such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as their primary goals. Elaborating further on this, they created a Constitution which reluctantly established certain basic rights of every citizen, known as the Bill of Rights. Such things as freedom of speech, equal protection under the law, protection from unreasonable search and seizure and so forth. All of these sought to redress and prohibit the type of mistreatment they had received under the prior monarchy they had done away with. All of this sounded very well and good. As time turned the pages of history it became obvious that certain legal concepts were not stated but very well established and enforced. As the country grew with every advancing wave of industrial development and technology even the less astute among its citizens realized that something was amiss in the Land of Liberty. Unfortunately the means of communication had, for the most part, resided in the hands of those who could own them. In fact, in earlier times printing presses had been licensed by the king. Such restrictions prevented dissenting views from reaching a mass number of the citizens of Merica. What information and contrary views that did leak out were attacked without mercy by the captains of industry, affectionately known as the Robber Barons. Despite smashing of printing presses by the hirelings of what had become a ruling elite, citizens committed to the basic tenets of the Constitution persisted in their efforts under the banner of Freedom of Speech.