Participative Marketing for Local Radio

11 01 2007

Online Book: Participative Marketing for Local Radio

Participative marketing is a new way of thinking about a timeless concept: marketing is not just something that big corporations do to consumers, but something that everybody does when engaged in purposeful activity. What’s new about the idea of participative marketing is that it sets out to weave a strong web of relationships to help bring people together for a common purpose. If it works properly, there’s no exploitation, but a filling of mutual needs. “Participative marketing” extends the idea of “relationship marketing” to cover all types of communications and social networks.

The book is designed to be useful for any kind of local radio station, but is specially aimed at community-owned stations. These are perfectly suited to the participative approach, since they are generally short of money but well resourced with people.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Marketing for radio
  • Chapter 2: Audience concepts
  • Chapter 3: Research findings
  • Chapter 4: Program strategy
  • Chapter 5: Publicity and promotion
  • Chapter 6: Advertising and sponsorship
  • Chapter 7: Funding from listeners
  • Chapter 8: Funding from grants
  • Chapter 9: Selling programs and airtime
  • Chapter 10: Internal marketing
  • Chapter 11: Beyond radio
  • Chapter 12: Making it happen



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