Audience research guide

21 03 2007

This page offers a brief description of various methods of audience research : “Seven Day Diary”, samples, random sampling, different audience measures, etc. Audience research is crucial to the sustainability of community radio stations. In short, audience research is a mechanism through which stations obtain feed back from audience that:

increases community participation in the stations,
informs better programming
enhances the development agenda of the station
feeds into successful marketing strategies.

The kinds of research referred to here are convenience sampling, short surveys, as well as qualitative research and rapid appraisal methods adapted to the sector and the specific information needs of community radio stations. Furthermore, in line with the philosophy and ethos of the community radio sector, and because of the value-adding effect of participatory research approaches, it is important that community radio stations do not relinquish ownership of all audience research to external agents.

Only where the methodology rationally demands that research is best based externally, should ownership be compromised. This does, of course raise issues to work through, such as the feasibility and sustainability of integrating an audience research function into the station structure.

Audience research guide



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