Handbook on Radio and Television Audience Research

24 04 2007

This handbook sets out audience research methodology, including quantitative audience measurement; measurement of audience opinions and reactions; qualitative research; data analysis; and more. Community radio is not specifically considered, but the methodologies are nevertheless useful.

Written by Graham Mytton, head of audience research for the BBC World Service and published by UNESCO and UNICEF

Download the Handbook on Radio and Television Audience Research (PDF)

Audience research guide

21 03 2007

This page offers a brief description of various methods of audience research : “Seven Day Diary”, samples, random sampling, different audience measures, etc. Audience research is crucial to the sustainability of community radio stations. In short, audience research is a mechanism through which stations obtain feed back from audience that:

increases community participation in the stations,
informs better programming
enhances the development agenda of the station
feeds into successful marketing strategies.

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Participative Marketing for Local Radio

11 01 2007

Online Book: Participative Marketing for Local Radio

Participative marketing is a new way of thinking about a timeless concept: marketing is not just something that big corporations do to consumers, but something that everybody does when engaged in purposeful activity. What’s new about the idea of participative marketing is that it sets out to weave a strong web of relationships to help bring people together for a common purpose. If it works properly, there’s no exploitation, but a filling of mutual needs. “Participative marketing” extends the idea of “relationship marketing” to cover all types of communications and social networks. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Guide to Audience Research

20 03 2006

Quick Guide to Audience Research
Dennis List has written a shorter guide to audience research than Know Your Audience. This new Quick Guide is focused on the needs of media, particularly in developing countries.

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Know Your Audience:

16 09 2005

Know Your Audience: A Practical Guide to Media Research
This book by Dennis List, founder of Audience Dialogue, is written mainly for media people in developing countries, and small communications-related organizations in the developed world. The book is written in a clear, simple style, avoiding slang and academic jargon.