The Non-Profit Organization Self-Evaluation

18 01 2007

The Non-Profit Organization Self-Evaluation

This is meant to provide a quick overview of the health of your major
organizational systems. It does not produce an organizational evaluation and will not let you know if your services are effective or efficient. It will, however, let you know if you have the systems in place that are necessary to operate effectively and efficiently.

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

1 09 2006

Principles and Practices
This document has three intended purposes. The first is to provide individual organizations striving for excellence with a tool for strategic planning and operational evaluation relative to the rest of the nonprofit sector. The second is to support the growth and quality of the sector. The third is to increase public understanding of the role and contributions of the nonprofit sector.

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Monitoring and Evaluation – Civicus

16 09 2005

Monitoring and Evaluation – PDF

This toolkit deals with the “nuts and bolts” (the basics) of setting up and using a monitoring and evaluation system for a project or an organisation. It clarifies what monitoring and evaluation are, how you plan to do them, how you design a system that helps you monitor and an evaluation process that brings it all together usefully. It looks at how you collect the information you need and then how you save yourself from drowning in data by analysing the information in a relatively straightforward way. Finally it raises, and attempts to address, some of the issues to do with taking action on the basis of what you have learned.

Also in Word

Le suivi et l’évaluation (Word) ou (PDF)

Seguimiento y evaluación (Word) o (PDF)

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

14 09 2005

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

This document provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit or nonprofit programs — there are many kinds of evaluations that can be applied to programs, for example, goals-based, process-based, outcomes-based, etc.