Mango: Who Counts?

9 03 2006

Mango: Who Counts?
Financial reporting to beneficiaries improves NGOs’ impact. Using this information beneficiaries can make sure that funds are spent on their real priorities.

Who Counts? is an initiative launched in April 2005 by Mango, a UK registered charity. Mango exists to help NGOs strengthen their financial management by providing training, carefully selected finance staff and guides to good practice.

Workbook – Financial Responsibilities of Not-for-Profit Boards

27 10 2005

Financial Responsibilities of Not-for-Profit Boards – PDF
Designed to be used by board members, this book will guide you through the maze of financial management. It transforms a confusing list of numbers into helpful information. The financial responsibilities of a not-for-profit organization are clarified. Budgets, book keeping and reading the financial statements format.

Produced for the Board Development Program of the government of Alberta, Canada. 92pp – PDF

Civicus: Financial Controls and Accountability

14 10 2005

Civicus: Financial Controls and Accountability

This toolkit provides an introduction for the non-financial manager or leader on controlling the finances of the organisation in such a way that the organisation can be held financially accountable. It looks at the basics of a good bookkeeping system, at the importance of having financial policies and how to develop them. It also spells out the role of key structures in financial control and accountability, making a distinction between the Board and the CEO of the organisation. There is a section dealing with the annual external audit, and several examples to illustrate the financial control tools dealt with in the toolkit. The whole toolkit is geared towards enabling a non-financial manager or leader to manage the finances in an informed and competent way.

Civicus: Contrôle et responsabilité financières

Civicus: Control financiero y reponsabilidad

Manual: Financial management for NGOs

12 10 2005

Mango: Financial management for NGOs manual
Designed to accompany a course on financial management for NGOs, this manual explains the key concepts of basic NGO financial management.

Chapters include:

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CIVICUS Better Communications and Planning Toolkits

16 09 2005

CIVICUS Better Communications and Planning Toolkits

CIVICUS has produced a range of toolkits to enable organisations to improve their capacity in a number of communication and planning areas. From learning how to write a funding proposal to developing more effective action planning skills, the toolkits provide many useful tips and ideas to help strengthen organisations.

Many of the toolkits are available in English, French & Spanish.

– Writing Effectively & Powerfully
– Writings Within Your Organisation
– Producing Your Own Media ? ? (Word) or (PDF)
– Handling the Media
– Promoting Your Organisation
– Planning Overview
– Action planning
– Monitoring and Evaluation
– Strategic Planning
– Developing a Financing Strategy
– Financial Controls and Accountability
– Writing a Funding Proposal
– Budgeting

Budgeting – Civicus

16 09 2005

Budgeting – PDF, Budget examples – PDF
This toolkit provides guidelines on how to go about developing and monitoring a budget. It will help you with an overall organisational budget as well as with a budget for a specific project. It includes tools for estimating costs as well as tips for ensuring that your budgets meet the needs of your project or organisation. In the examples section we give actual examples of budgets and how they can be monitored.

Also in Word – Budgeting Examples

La budgetisation (en deux parties): Premiere partie (Word) ou (PDF)
La budgetisation (et deuxieme partie): (Word) ou (PDF)

Elaboración de un presupuesto (Parte 1) (Word) o (PDF)
Elaboración de un presupuesto (Parte 2) (Word) o (PDF)