Community media sustainability guide

24 03 2009

Internews has published a new guide addressing the challenge of how to make community media financially sustainable. The Community Media Sustainability Guide: The Business of Changing Lives, covers topics such as incorporating new online platforms and using alternative energy to power radio stations, all with an eye to keeping the doors open in a sector not known for its profitability.

Read more and download the guide from the Internews website.

Community Radio – The People’s Voice

22 10 2007

Cover illustrationProduced by ABC Ulwazi in South Africa, this handbook offers guidelines on setting up, managing and sustaining a community radio station.

  • Explores the differences and similarities between commercial and community radio stations, explaining the unique position of community radio in South Africa, and highlighting its role as a tool for development.
  • Offers extensive guidelines on how to manage a community radio station, and outlines the roles that each employee or volunteer plays in the station.
  • Explores issues relating to effective and ethical reporting.
  • Shows how community radio is pivotal to educating people about their human rights.
  • Details the main processes in producing programmes on a minimum budget.
  • Outlines the serious issue of sustainability and offers guidelines on working toward making your community radio station sustainable.

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Sustaining community radio

29 05 2007

This article in i4d magazine´s April 2007 issue argues that financial sustainability is possible, but the most important ingredient for this to happen is that the development of community radio stations has to be organic, arising from the community radio stations themselves.

Sustaining community radio

Guidebook to Sustainability

21 03 2007

Community Radio Sustainability Project
Financial sustainability presents the greatest challenge to the success of independent radio stations operating in developing countries and is inextricably linked to a news outlet’s ability to preserve its editorial freedom. In these developing countries there is a critical need for gathering and sharing information about the small steps media can take to build their capacity for sustainability.

This guide is intended as the first in a series of guidebooks to equip station managers and staff with management and programming resources for their station. Each guide will include examples and case studies of how the topic has been addressed by stations in Sub-Saharan African countries, including relevant environmental factors and key outcomes.

Guidebook to Sustainability

Basic Fund-Raising for Small NGOs/Civil Society In the Developing World

16 08 2006

Basic Fund-Raising for Small NGOs/Civil Society In the Developing World
The document is meant to provide very basic guidelines for small NGOs in the developing world regarding fund-raising, and to point to other resources. By small NGOs, I mean organizations that may have only one paid staff member, or are run entirely by volunteers; and may or may not have official recognition by the government.

You have to order the document from the website.

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal –

15 08 2006

Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal –
This Proposal Guide has been created to provide both instructions on how to write a funding proposal and actual examples of a completed proposal. The Guide is designed as a tool for Non-Government Organizations and other organizations to learn more about the actual proposal writing process.