A Guide to Fundraising

15 08 2006

A Guide to Fundraising
Non-profit organisations in the South are steadily becoming more professional. But there are still vast differences between organisations and their levels of capacity.

To help in the process of professionalisation this guide for local NGOs has been put together, including the following topics:

* The process of professionalism
* The planning of a project
* Finding money for the project

Global Development Network: Proposal writing Toolkit

24 10 2005

Global Development Network: Toolkits: Proposal writing
This toolkit provides tips and practical suggestions for applying for funding and proposal writing. It is based on interviews with experienced research fundraisers.

This toolkit is divided into six sections.

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Categories of Donors

12 10 2005

World Bank Group | Categories of Donors
There are a wide variety of funding sources that offer support for development projects. This site includes a list of donor categories containing a few examples of specific donor organizations within a particular category.

Technical Assistance on How to Mobilize Resources

12 10 2005

World Bank Group | Where Can I Find Technical Assistance on How to Mobilize Resources?

One of the important challenges facing any NGO, CBO (Community-based organization) or CSO is how to keep the good work of the organization going. How can such an organization attract a broad base of support to sustain itself? Where can it go to get technical assistance on how to diversify its sources of support?

This websites listed here offer online and other technical assistance on resource mobilization methods and links to NGO service Providers.

The Foundation Centre proposal writing guide

12 10 2005

Proposal Writing Short Course

Geared toward nonprofit organizations, this online guide will be helpful to anyone working on developing a winning proposal. Available in Spanish, French and Russian as well.

All About Nonprofit Organizations

10 10 2005

Nonprofit Organizations

One of the ABOUT group of websites. Contains information on a broad range of topics related to operating an NGO. The site contains information on how to do Web-based fundraising, staff training, donor information, management information, public relations, technology, and managing volunteers.