Volunteer Management Handbook

2 11 2007

The National Federation of Community Broadcasters (USA) produced this “simple guide to volunteer management at a community radio station.”

The manual can be ordered for US$15 plus shipping from http://www.nfcb.org/publications/volunteerhandbook.jsp

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La Gestion des Ressources humaines de la radio rurale

21 03 2007

Excellent document qui, en quelques pages, ouvre des perspectives très concrètes pour la gestion des ressources humaines dans les radios rurales, en particulier pour la définition des “tâches” et “profils” des agents et abordant la question des “bénévoles”. Attention sur le site d’ Intermedia Consultants le lien vers le document s’appelle “Cahier de charges de la radio rurale”.

La Gestion des Ressources humaines de la radio rurale

NEAR FM Station Handbook

6 03 2007

This is a sample station handbook from one of Ireland’s leading community radio stations.

Online Station Handbook

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

1 09 2006

Principles and Practices
This document has three intended purposes. The first is to provide individual organizations striving for excellence with a tool for strategic planning and operational evaluation relative to the rest of the nonprofit sector. The second is to support the growth and quality of the sector. The third is to increase public understanding of the role and contributions of the nonprofit sector.

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All About Nonprofit Organizations

10 10 2005

Nonprofit Organizations

One of the ABOUT group of websites. Contains information on a broad range of topics related to operating an NGO. The site contains information on how to do Web-based fundraising, staff training, donor information, management information, public relations, technology, and managing volunteers.