Community Radio: A user’s guide to the technology

11 01 2008

“Community Radio: A user’s guide to the technology” is a guide to technical parameters of community radio in India. Produced for potential community radio operators, this technical manual takes into account the intention of the Government of India to establish 4000 community radio stations by 2008.

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Community radio, new technologies and policy: enough watching, it’s time for doing

11 06 2007

by Bruce Girard

In Mali broadcasters search the internet to find answers to listeners’ questions, translate them to local languages, and encourage discussion and learning around issues of public interest. Without the internet Mali’s rural radio stations used a handful of old books and last week’s newspaper as main sources of information, but with access and training they are able to find information on the internet and help discover solutions to community problems. They are only able to do this because visionary policies and programmes enabled community radio and provided them with internet access and training.

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14 definitions of community radio

9 04 2007

Below is a selection of fourteen statements about community radio. Each of them puts a different emphasis on the characteristics described in the previous post What is community media?, and many introduce other characteristics.
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What is community media?

9 04 2007

Bruce Girard

There is no single definition of community media and there are almost as many models as there are stations. Each community radio station is a hybrid, a unique communication process shaped by a few over-arching characteristics and by the distinct culture, history, and reality of the community it serves. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics that all community radio stations have in common. Among these are that they are community-based, independent, not-for-profit, pro-community, and participatory.
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NEAR FM Station Handbook

6 03 2007

This is a sample station handbook from one of Ireland’s leading community radio stations.

Online Station Handbook

Micropower and Pirate Radio Kiosk – Seizing the Airwaves

20 07 2006

Micropower and Pirate Radio Kiosk – Seizing the Airwaves : A free radio handbook

A collection of texts from the micro radio movement in the USA. The preface, by Stephen Dunifer sets the tone:
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