Audience research guide

21 03 2007

This page offers a brief description of various methods of audience research : “Seven Day Diary”, samples, random sampling, different audience measures, etc. Audience research is crucial to the sustainability of community radio stations. In short, audience research is a mechanism through which stations obtain feed back from audience that:

increases community participation in the stations,
informs better programming
enhances the development agenda of the station
feeds into successful marketing strategies.

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La Gestion des Ressources humaines de la radio rurale

21 03 2007

Excellent document qui, en quelques pages, ouvre des perspectives très concrètes pour la gestion des ressources humaines dans les radios rurales, en particulier pour la définition des “tâches” et “profils” des agents et abordant la question des “bénévoles”. Attention sur le site d’ Intermedia Consultants le lien vers le document s’appelle “Cahier de charges de la radio rurale”.

La Gestion des Ressources humaines de la radio rurale

Radio management in the small community

18 03 2007

AIBD Publication: Radio management in the small community
coverThe publication examines the role of a manager as a key figure in the process of development, very specially in the rural smaller community stations. The emphasis in this manual lies not only on the cognitive skills required in radio management but also its utility for trainers and those who could develop case studies and real life examples for use in further training in management.

Available for purchase from AIBD

NEAR FM Station Handbook

6 03 2007

This is a sample station handbook from one of Ireland’s leading community radio stations.

Online Station Handbook

Leadership and management for change

2 03 2007

Fahamu – Leadership and management for change
This course will help you develop the skills of an effective leader. It will be of benefit to leaders and managers of organisations that are struggling to change the world. It is part of Learning for Change, an integrated collection of courses developed by Fahamu in conjunction with the University of Oxford.
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The Non-Profit Organization Self-Evaluation

18 01 2007

The Non-Profit Organization Self-Evaluation

This is meant to provide a quick overview of the health of your major
organizational systems. It does not produce an organizational evaluation and will not let you know if your services are effective or efficient. It will, however, let you know if you have the systems in place that are necessary to operate effectively and efficiently.